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Ordtek is a world leading provider of unexploded ordnance (‘UXO’) risk management consultancy.

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Based in Norfolk, in the East of England, Ordtek’s approach to addressing UXO risk employs an intelligent blend of risk management, industry specific learning and geoscience techniques to assess and mitigate the risks posed to maritime development.  The business serves leading offshore wind developers and TSOs worldwide and plays a critical role in the safe development of new offshore wind capacity.


Ordtek, led by Lee Gooderham, will form part of Venterra’s early stage ‘Engineer’ services led by existing member company, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (‘GDG’), the geoscience design business. Ordtek will be supported by the engineering and project management resources from within the wider group to provide a robust technical offering to existing clients and facilitate enhanced capacity to support new clients and projects around the world.

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