CAPE Holland is a market leader in offshore vibro-piling, a new method for installing or removing larger monopile foundations supporting offshore wind farms.

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CAPE Holland developed its unique Vibro Lifting Tools to handle and drive piled foundations into the seafloor bringing distinct advantages over traditional installation methods.

Its specialist equipment speeds up installation, reduces vessel time, uniquely protects against ‘pile runs’ and responds to environmental needs by creating less noise on the sea’s surface and within the water column.

Since its first commercial project in 2015, the CAPE Vibro Lifting Technology has accumulated an extensive track record with highly efficient upending, positioning installation and extraction of offshore and nearshore piles. Using various CAPE VLT configurations and pile clamping systems a large range monopiles, pin-, jacket-, and anchor piles have been installed. The CAPE VLT has also been used for removal of piles during test and decommissioning projects

CAPE Holland employs over 60 people, and its fleet of Vibro Lifting Tools is deployed worldwide on behalf of developers and tier one contractors.


Monopile installation, pin/jacket pile installation, anchor pile installation and monopile decommissioning

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