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Phil McGuire

Engineer - Osbit

What was your career background?

I’ve had quite a varied career so far. I started engineering through the family business working in electronic repairs. Upon leaving school I carried out a four year apprenticeship training to be an electrical technician, then I moved into biomedical engineering working with medical equipment. Following some time spent in medical engineering I then moved into FMCG/industrial automation where I started to programme PLCs, working abroad in Belgium. Then when COVID-19 came, I decided to change roles to something closer to home; I went to work in engineering design and consultancy, within the process engineering field.

What would you say is different about working at Osbit?

Working at Osbit is an engineer’s dream. You develop a concept, you then design it in detail and then you, the engineer, get to be involved in building and testing the system you’ve designed. It’s an amazing environment which is completely in support of individual ownership and delivery; it can be daunting but it’s also exhilarating.

Culturally, what stands out for you at Osbit?

The open and friendly environment, where we all share a common goal, and everyone wants each other to succeed. You really feel appreciated working at Osbit as an individual member of staff, which is a rare thing.

What excites you about working in the offshore wind industry?

It’s a very fluid point in history where the offshore market is evolving fast which means more and more problems need solving. This ultimately leads to our clients asking for bigger problems to be solved which means more interesting engineering challenges. Since working at Osbit I’ve contributed to the design of a wirelessly controlled industrial cleaning machine and a battery powered, wirelessly controlled lifting tool for a wind turbine supporting jacket structure and I’ve supported subsea vehicles. It’s so varied; the engineering challenges never get boring, and we are constantly innovating. 

Why should people want to work at Osbit?

It’s the only environment I know of where, as an engineer, you get complete exposure to the lifecycle of design and build. The people are great and the Osbit mentality is fantastic.