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Shauna Creane

Senior Geoscientist and Metocean Team Lead - GDG

What is your career background?

Qualifying with a BSc (Hons) in Geoscience from University College Cork (UCC), I joined GDG in early 2019 where I completed a three-year industry-based PhD in Engineering/Marine Geoscience. During this time, I had the opportunity to lead multiple offshore research survey campaigns generating invaluable geophysical, geological and oceanographic datasets to support the growing offshore renewable energy industry. My expertise includes data-driven and numerical modelling-led analysis of metocean conditions, seabed morphodynamics and sediment transport for a wide range of coastal and offshore engineering applications.

What’s different about working at GDG?

I joined GDG at a very exciting time in the offshore wind industry. The company is growing rapidly and there is a lot of opportunity to build your industry experience and progress your career. GDG is very client focused, where standards are very high in order to meet our clients’ needs. And because GDG supports the full offshore wind life cycle, you have the unique opportunity to collaborate with many different disciplines.

Culturally, what stands out for you at GDG?

Inclusivity is ingrained in our culture. We’re lucky to enjoy an inclusive environment which embraces and celebrates employees from all backgrounds, identities and experiences, making it a very diverse and equitable place to work. Collaboration and innovation are also encouraged throughout the organisation.

What excites you about working in the offshore wind industry?

The ambition and scale of the offshore wind industry make it a very exciting place to work. The sector is dynamic, innovative and fast paced creating many opportunities to truly make a difference in the battle against climate change and to support the production of clean, carbon-free energy which will benefit future generations for years to come.

Why should people want to work at GDG?

The fast-paced and inclusive environment at GDG creates a unique opportunity for people with different skills and experience levels to collaborate to help drive innovation in the offshore wind sector.