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Mohammed Gasmelseed

Coastal Engineer - Partrac

What was your career background?

I am a Civil Engineer by degree, with extensive knowledge and understanding of water and sediment interactions, and excellent technical knowledge of coastal/marine processes and geomorphology, combined with comprehensive numerical modelling, GIS, programming and data analysis skills.

What’s different about working at Partrac?

I have been working at Partrac for over two years now; during this time, I have been heavily involved in seabed mobility studies, scour protection studies, EIAs, coastal/marine processes studies, metocean data QC/QA, and various other exciting projects that come along every now and then. To me, that is the most thrilling aspect of my job, the diversity and broad spectrum of projects that we as a team get involved in. And, as we always like to say, no two days are the same at Partrac!

Culturally, what stands out for you at Partrac?

Partrac is a very friendly company in which it is very easy to approach and interact with all your colleagues. Within the consultancy team, I also have been greatly encouraged to take on new challenges and as such further develop and hone my existing abilities. The culture within the company is also team oriented, and we all share the responsibility towards our clients to deliver timely and excellent outputs.

What excites you about working in the offshore wind industry?

Working in the offshore wind industry is an opportunity to ensure a brighter, cleaner future for the generations to come. We are directly contributing to net zero targets, and we help ensure that these are no longer just ambitions but are the reality, a goal certainly achievable with the current momentum and drive seen across offshore wind and other renewable energy resources.

Why should people want to work at Partrac?

By joining us, you will be joining a supportive, collaborative, and friendly environment where you will certainly grow your career while contributing to a better tomorrow. Partrac is also a place where work–life balance is very important and ensured.