An Open and Pro-Active Approach

To help offshore wind power maximise its potential in the energy transition and enhance energy security we regularly engage with governments and Industry Associations in the UK, EU and United States. 

We talk frequently to UK and Scottish Government departments and our dialogue invariably focuses on industry challenges, technology innovation and how we can play our part in the industry supply chain.  

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Department of International Trade (DIT),  Scottish Development International (SDI) and the regional clusters are key interlocutors.  As we grow we have started to engage with policy makers in the United States at State and Federal level, and the European Union. 

Industry Associations and Stakeholder Engagement

Venterra strongly believes input from stakeholder organisations leads to better outcomes on policy and standards.  We are active members of Renewable UK and the Energies Industries Council.  In the US, we are members of Business Network for Offshore Wind, a non-profit organisation dedicated to building the offshore wind supply chain in the USA.

Get in touch

For government and industry engagement enquiries, please contact:

Gwen Folland
Head of External Affairs
+44 (0) 20 3154 6362


Gwen Folland

Head of External Affairs

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