Our Sustainability Strategy

Venterra was created in 2021 with the vision to become a global services champion by enabling wind energy to lead in the energy transition over the next decade and beyond.

Playing a role in the creation of clean and secure energy is integral to our existence and benefits our immediate stakeholders, wider society, and the planet.

Our sustainability strategy is based on four key focus areas:

To provide services to the offshore wind industry to achieve large scale capacity in the timeframe planned by policy makers and developers to achieve the Paris Agreement goals and a secure source of energy supply.

In line with UN SDGs 7 and 13 we aim to help support the growth of wind energy to provide access to affordable and clean energy and in turn taking action to combat climate change.


To help developers across the ‘Engineer, Build and Support’ stages of the windfarm lifecycle by providing low carbon alternatives through the supply chain to create clean energy in the most sustainable way, reducing developers’ GHG emissions and minimising environmental impacts.

We predominantly work in the seas and oceans and aim to protect and enhance the marine environment in support of UN SDG 14.

To tackle the skills shortage that is the offshore wind sector’s greatest limiting factor, finding ways to attract and train new talent in an industry that must multiply at unprecedented speed.

This goal is aligned with UN SDG 8 - promoting high value jobs and sustainable economic growth.

To operate in a socially responsible way, conduct our operations in accordance with robust ESG targets that reflect our mission and role in the new energy system.

Venterra will publish its first annual ESG report in spring 2023 using 2022 as its baseline year. We have reviewed areas of materiality to Venterra’s business and started to collect data for the relevant KPIs. This data will enable us to report in accordance with GRI, SASB and TCFD.

Venterra’s leadership understands that sustainability must be present in all areas of the business on every organisational level across the group.

We aim to work with work with clients, suppliers and partners who share our values.


How Sustainability Drives our Business Strategy

Venterra’s commitment to sustainability and business strategies is anchored in our purpose; to help the world’s energy transition through wind power.

At inception Venterra was created with the vision to become a global services champion enabling wind power to lead in the energy transition. Playing a role in the creation of clean energy is integral to our existence, to the benefit of immediate stakeholders, wider society, and the planet.

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Governance and Enacting Sustainability

We combine strong internal governance with clear communication to ensure that stakeholder goals and objectives translate into business practices by all Venterra employees.

A commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our Board’s approach to growing and governing the business. It is an opportunity for the business to make a societal contribution and part of the Board’s overall approach to risk oversight.

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