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Venterra launches its first Sustainability Report ‘Helping Wind Power Grow’

Date: 2023-04-20

Venterra Group Plc, the offshore wind services company, today released its first Sustainability Report, titled ‘Helping Wind Power Grow’.  

At Venterra, we think of sustainability across three dimensions:

  • helping the world to accelerate its transition to cleaner energy
  • enabling clients to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations
  • executing operations with discipline and rigour, including having a strong commitment to sustainability 

The report showcases some of the highlights from the first two of these dimensions, such as speeding up the lengthy permitting process, using fewer, greener materials and reducing carbon emissions. It also places a focus on Venterra’s own operations - including material issues, our baseline performance, the initiatives introduced and the direction of travel. 

In line with IRENA’s recent preview of its World Energy Transition Outlook 2023, the renewables market is set to grow to 10,000 GW by 2030(1). The energy transition has been described by the Financial Times as ‘the biggest long-term infrastructure project in human history’(2). Executive Chairman, Ayman Asfari said:  ‘Offshore wind will play a major role in the transformation of the renewables market over the course of this decade and as the size of the market grows, so too do the technical, supply chain, people and resources challenges’.

Venterra was established with the specific aim of helping to address these challenges.  Rob Jewkes, CEO said: ‘We are building a global services business to help developers design, build and operate their wind farms as efficiently as possible and respect the planet.  Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do’.

(1)       World Energy Transition Outlook 2023; 1.5 degree; Preview

(2)       Financial Times, Lex Column 3.11.21 

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